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22 Jan 2019

Unwavering dedication, his gentlemanly professionalism, open communication and scrupulous stance

The business was in a growth stage, so that meant there were hundreds of enquiries. James’ seasoned experience was demonstrated in the way he methodically worked through the enquirers weeding out the time wasters, and qualifying the real potential candidates. The process of selling this business was drawn out on the back of the recent tougher constraints on lending from the banks. As such, I believe James spent a lot more time on the sale than his fee had allowed for. Yet he did this with unwavering enthusiasm and continued head strong into meeting after meeting with potential clients, all in after business-hours... James stood by and saw it to the end. Many times when buyers become a little bewildered  or disillusioned, James’ keen advice to the other side kept them on track.

I could not recommend his service any more, it really is a cut above the rest. 

Nicholas Salvador - Seller