Setting The Right Sale Price
Our experts can appraise your business and assist in setting a selling price that is acceptable to you, but is also within a range that is accepted by buyers, accountants and banks. We don't overvalue a business to ensure that buyer enquiry levels are kept at an optimum level.

Producing Your Business Information Memorandum Package
Before we even take your business to market we spend a lot of time ensuring it is properly prepared for sale and all documentation and financial information is presented in a professional manner so there are no hurdles at buyer Due Diligence. This package is absolutely critical to the marketing and presentation of your business and acts as a business tool that potential buyers can take to their accountants or financial advisors as well as banks for finance of the purchase.

What Marketing & Advertising Will You Need?
We will market your business aggressively on 12 different business for sale websites as well as marketing to our extensive database of potential buyers. We can also drive enquiry through our network of 32 business broker offices throughout Australia. Your business will also receive prominent position as a 'featured business' on our home page.

Screening Your Buyers
When we receive enquiries on your business we will screen all potential buyers for financial capacity and suitability. Then, before we hand over confidential information on your business they must also complete a confidentiality agreement.

Steps In Negotiating the Sale
Our expert brokers have the skills to get the maximum price for you during the crucial negotiation stage of the transaction. All offers are confirmed by the way of a written Expression of Interest Document which forms the basis for the Contract of Sale.

How Does Finance for Buyers Work?
Left alone, buyers will often fail in getting finance. We take control of this process and prepare them properly, as well as assist them through the most appropriate ways of obtaining finance approval to buy your business. It is crucial we engage with the buyers and the financier throughout this process to ensure all relevant information is made available to ensure a successful application.

What about Solicitors?
We handle all contract information with both your solicitor and the buyers solicitor to ensure smooth transition to the contract stage.

What About Landlord/Franchisor Approval?
We know what steps and documents need to be completed in order to get this crucial approval. Where necessary, we coach the prospective buyer through this process to ensure approval.

Finally, Settlement & Handover
Once Training is completed and settlement has occurred, your business is SOLD and the money is in your bank - CONGRATULATIONS!


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