The right advice comes from taking an experienced and professional approach tailored to your specific circumstances including having the right people and networks to deliver your required outcomes for growth, exit and turnaround strategies and implementation.
Our service capability includes;

Capital Raising
The key to successful capital raising is the presentation of the company in a clear and concise manner as well as the identification of the best institutions to play a role in the capital raising or listing of the company. We can provide advice and assistance with negotiating sources of capital with good networks of institutional providers as well as high wealth investors and private equity providers.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Maximum enterprise value can be obtained through expert advice on due diligence and negotiations. Identification of and contact with potential targets including recommendations on the structure of transactions and other activities that focus on increasing value for existing shareholders.

Management Buyouts
Advice to management teams in developing their plans for a buyout and negotiating with potential providers of capital and vendors. Increasingly in exit planning vendors are realising that divestment through management buyout is providing increased value on their exit.

Business Valuations
The process of careful valuation is essential for any potential vendor or purchaser of a business as it can provide the basis for the transaction that will make the investment a success in terms of financial returns

Strategic and Business Planning
Identification of long term goals of owners and stakeholders and highlighting actions that will put the business in the best position to improve returns and competitive position. Crystallising Ideas and documenting plans for them are more likely to reveal the nature of available opportunities.